Appeals to a Higher Court

For many family law cases, the resulting decision may not always be the outcome you had hoped for or falls into your best interests. The Arizona family law courts are able to view things from a different perspective if all the evidence is made available on the court date for their consideration. There may be times that the ending option will be to disagree and move on.

However, there are times when the issues at stake are too important or the additional glaring evidence with the verdict you receive. When this happens to you, you can appeal the verdict or seek post-judgment relief. To be fully prepared for the Arizona family case appeals process, you need the help of a qualified Arizona family law appeal attorney. Strong Law is ready to offer that help, and will provide you with a free consultation to help you discuss your options.

A family law appeals attorney is an attorney that focuses on appealing a family court judge’s decision or orders to the court of appeals. A family law appeals attorney is adept at writing detailed, persuasive briefs for the court of appeals and is competent in the area of oral advocacy before an appellate judge panel.

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